Rick Ross' beef with 50 Cent is nothing but a chess game. While on a press run for his Mastermind album, Rozay spoke to Huff Post Live about sparring with 50 during the early years of his career. “At the end of the day, it’s all about chess, you know what I mean. When you don’t have nothing to lose, like I didn’t at that point, it really ain't matter," says Ross.

Nowadays, few people can garner the Bawse's attention. "The position I'm in now, there's certain things you have to bring to the table to even catch my attention," he explains. 

Ross and 50's issues stem back to 2009 and set off a slew of diss records between the two like Ross' "Mafia Music" and 50's "Warning Shot." 50 and members of G-Unit got into a physical altercation with Maybach Music Group artist Gunplay at the 2012 BET Awards. In 2013, Ross dubbed the beef "buffoonery" in an interview.

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