Paces is someone that hit my radar out of nowhere last year, like a lot of releases on Symbols did, and his tunes have really been doing it for me pretty much every since.  Out just recently is the Aussie's debut EP for DIEHIGH RECORDS that just continues this trend of outstanding music.  The title track, featuring the talents of Erin Marshall on vocals, is absolute tropical club bliss. Like, all the DJs trying to make Jersey club a thing in the night clubs and whatnot are failing at life if they aren't including this tune in their sets.  Girls are going to LOVE IT.  And 813 on the remix replaces a lot of the tropical elements for more tripped out turn up juice and a melody that should immediately remind you of Ciara's "Body Party" (and of course "My Boo"). "Open Up Your Eyes" sees all vibes and tempos slowed to a more Branchez-type level with fantastic execution.  But I honestly have to admit the Chiefs remix of it might be the "sleeper" on the whole release though.  All in all, this is basically a must download in my eyes, top to bottom.  No excuses.