P. Reign is on the verge of success, but that doesn't mean the Toronto rapper and Drake's close friend is completely carefree. As he revealed to Complex recently, there's been setbacks in his music career, which he's handled in stride. P. Reign's next test is making sure he's ready for what the future holds, and he addresses this on "Ill Life 2."

The gloomy production and dark visuals serve as a fitting backdrop here, where Reign raps about the changes that are happening in his life. Along with a bigger bankroll, his enemies are a lot closer than they were before, but that doesn't change Reign's outlook. "Still down to serve 22 if niggas is dissing the crew," he spits with no hesitation. If there's one thing we've learned from P. Reign and Drake's relationship, it's that loyalty comes before everything else. And P. Reign will never change

P. Reign's Dear America comes out later this year.

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