This one's been doing my head in for a bit; the last time I heard it was as a brief clip at the tail-end of Stray's January 2014 Fabriclive mix, and with little to no info on it's release, I grew impatient... until word hit the inbox today that it's finally out. See, as a junglist, Doc Scott's seminal release "Shadow Boxing" under his Nasty Habits guise was a staple of my electronic music upbringing. This, to me, was the proper introduction (and by introduction I mean kicking the fucking door down) of the darker side of drum & bass, and has forever been a huge tune for me. The original remix? Yeah he punched the tune up. The Blu Mar Ten rework? Nice revamping of the classic. But there's something about how Om Unit reworked it... he kept the original's signature menace in tact, but instead of going all hyperballistic with the drums, he kept it on a calm, chill hype. Almost makes the tune that much more sinister.

You can grab this release today directly from 31 Recordings; the flipside is a re-mastered version of the '96 original. You need this.