There was absolutely something extra funky in the water when DC-to-LA dance-pop band Misun combined production forces with Mad Decent affiliate DJA for Misun's soon-to-be released and limited edition A side/B side 7" vinyl for B3SCI Records on Tuesday, February 18th. "Travel With Me" takes baile funk directly into the heart of American pop sensibilities, while newly-debuted "Sleep" blends spaghetti western guitars, a classic big room feel and Baltimore club percussion on the chorus. The track continues to push the feeling that for indie-to-mainstream pop fanatics worldwide, like Bmore legend Porkchop would say, "ain't none of y'all safe." If still not aware of the talents of Nacey, bassist/DJ/producer William Devon, drummer Jon Jester and magnificent vocalist Misun Wojcik, this track definitely provides a wake-up call.