You should be drooling on yourself just seeing the names on this.  Machinedrum has done nothing but flex all over the underground the last couple years making the kind of music he wants to make and proving things can be well accepted and extremely different from the norm.  The promise of his forthcoming Fenris District EP on Ninja Tune also has the sounds of a Rustie remix of "Back Seat Ho" on it that you can now hear and be absolutely blown away by.  Being the kind of legend Rustie is at this point, it's got to be hard to constantly be reinventing your wheel.  But it's like this dude doesn't give a fuck about anything and just makes banging music however he feels.  The low end thump on this flip alone will cave in your skull.  The impulse is beyond tough.  The production is basically flawless.  Still drooling after the listen aren't ya?