I really don't know what is wrong with me.  I've heard some Lockah tunes in the past and pretty much always been super meh on him.  Maybe I wasn't paying super close attention but nothing ever caught me.  This one right here though... this feels like a breakthrough for me.  It could just be a right place, right time kind of thing or whatever, but this "Contact High Wit Big Lockah" preview from his upcoming debut album Yahoo Or The Highway (which is out April 14 via Donkey Pitch) is just bliss.  I don't even know if I can pick out something on this tune I don't like, even if you paid me.  I'm feeling patio vibes on this disco/R&B/'80s/new school sound something fierce.  And I throw all those terms out because I honestly feel a sense of obligation to give you some sort of idea what this sounds like.  It's definitely his own thing, unless you remember Midwest Product from way back in the Ghostly days.  But this is even way further developed and fully realized as a concept.  This is tits.  End of story.