As a note, the person writing this turns 36-years-old this year. That being said, Liz's just released Just Like You EP for Mad Decent's Jeffrees label literally makes me feel 1/3 of my age and completely ready to head out to the mall and try to hit on girls at Hot Topic and Up Against The Wall. It's a tribute to the power of '90s nostalgia that so much of this EP works. Hearing producers like Mr. Carmack and Djemba Djemba (and an all star crew of rising others) excel at making tracks that feel like they'd either belong on a So So Def Bass-All Stars compilation or being heard in two-stepping garage parties in London isn't surprising as much as it makes sense. As a producer, I suppose it's easiest to dial up the memories that are stored in the coziest corners of your cerebellum and mash them together into pure pop confection. That's what happens here. For Mad Decent to find some sort of strange combination at the confluence of Tiffany "thinking we're alone now" and Aaliyah knowing that "age ain't nothing but a number" is wonderful. Then, having her vocalize about boys and unrequited love over these productions is pure genius. However, whether or not the rest of the world can subdue their modern age cynicism enough to luxuriate in the bathtub of Orange Julius smoothies, popcorn-favored Jelly Bellies and Hershey's chocolate-scented lip gloss to give this a chance is the question. The first step in finding out that answer though, is in giving this EP a listen.