John Mayer described the whole theme of the The College Dropout album on his first single when he said: [Sings] ”’Welcome to the real world,’ she said to me
Take a seat. Take your life
Plot it out in black and white
Well I never lived the dreams of the prom kings and the drama queens
I’d like to think the best of me is still hiding up my sleeve
They love to tell you stay inside the lines
But something’s better on the other side
I want to run through the halls of my high school
I want to scream at the top of my lungs
I just found out there’s no such thing as the real world
Just a lie you’ve got to rise above
I am invincible as long as I’m alive


Like what?! That’s my whole album right there put into one song. I say so much shit. You saw my Def Poetry Jam piece?

Nah. I missed it.
Aw, my God. I did spoken word but I said some shit. I said, "She couldn't afford a car so she named her daughter Alexis." That's one of the best lines from all time in rap history. That’s one of the best one-liners in rap history. If somebody else had said that, I would’ve been so mad that I didn’t say that. ”She couldn’t afford a car so she named her daughter Alexis.” I went deep on that Def Poetry Jam. Niggas felt like they left with a message. A lot of times I like to hear somebody drop a jewel on somebody and they not know that they actually got a message out of it.

Yeah, it's like the Trojan Horse type of thing.
How do you mean?

Like a sneak attack.
Yeah, sneak message attack and shit.

Yeah, you don't know that you're getting it but you're getting it.
Yeah. Like, damn—I know I feel something but I don’t know what the meaning is. My whole style, also, is sarcastic. It would be Dave Chapelle and Ben Stiller combined, put in rap form over the most phenomenal beats in today's market.

That's a good quote right there.
Because they're not stupid. Because you can gain something from the shit they say.

Yeah, Dave Chappelle is brilliant.
A lot of my songs that I do, l can see them being Dave Chappelle skits. Actually, we're gonna have Dave Chappelle in the "Jesus Walks" video. I don't want to give away too much of it, but the concept is ill.

That'll be the lead single?
The lead single is probably gonna be the one with Ludacris, "Breathe In, Breathe Out."

Have you ever heard it?

I like the freestyle that you did for one of the Roc.A.Fella mixtapes.
Which one?

"I got girls in my room like hostages/Giving me neck like ostriches... "
[Raps] Give some play to the real Kanye
Cause we all know who the imposters is
All my gangsters mob to this
And all my strippers do your job to this

Damn, what I say?

[Raps “The Roc In Here”] You know where the hotel lobby is
For y’all the same girls wouldn't give me no ass
Now I done highly surpassed my whole upper-class
Bet if I meet her now I can fuck her fast, I pass
I be on some new shit
I wouldn't fuck none of the girls I went to school with
Fuck around, not even be on no cool shit
Like you don't see the models that me and my crew get?
You don't see the frivolous jewels I bought with The Blueprint?
She said "Whoa! Kanye don't get caught up in the hype
Ain't no telling they gon' love you after tonight."
Well if tonight's the night pop bottles, fuck models
Spend money till you're broke my nigga live your life
Cause I'm living international nigga, American dream
And all my dogs living vicariously through me
So if I get head from Trin', that one for the team
Fuck 702, that one for the crew
My dawg Hip Hop really love Claudette
So if I ever get to smash, this fuck's for you
I can barely drive the G5 down King Drive
Just like the Brinks trucks, they know it’s money inside.

That was just some lyrical shit at the end.

I liked that line, “All my dogs living vicariously through me.”
Yeah. Man, I don't spit lines, I spit conversations. [Laughs] You know what I’m saying?

Who do you think are the best producers/rappers?
Only person you could compare me to—watch me get ahead of myself, niggas will be mad at—only type of producer-artist you could compare me to, you gotta go back to Prince and Stevie. But I haven't proven it yet, so it sounds crazy right now. But fuck it. I'll probably never get to say it again. If I do, I can say, "I told you so," put all that shit in there if you can. But definitely put in that I don’t spit raps lines, I spit conversations. One of my lines will be a whole topic and shit.

You’re writing the piece for me man. I was going to use that Dave Chapelle and Ben Stiller as the lede, but I might use this one, “I don’t spit raps, I spit conversations.” I like that.
What’s the joint I got. [Raps] Now how the hell I end up arguing with this bitch?
Know everything, but don't know shit
Kind of reminiscent of Anna Nicole Smith
I just turn my music up like “Damn that's some cold shit”
Known her about a couple of months
Since then she gained a couple of chunks
She went from being a strobe light
To that old lady on Boomerang
Lady Eloise I need no lights
She a riot, folks
How she order all that food and a motherfucking diet Coke?
He said “You lying yo, why is you lying yo?”
Cut it out, quit it G, you hurting my kid-i-neys
Naw, she talking bout a couple of kids for me
She's hinting at a ring from Tiffany's
Right then and there I had an epiphany
I swear since that day I've been treating fat hoes differently.


Only person you could compare me to—watch me get ahead of myself, n***as will be mad at—only type of producer-artist you could compare me to, you gotta go back to Prince and Stevie. But I haven't proven it yet, so it sounds crazy right now. 


She said, “If you read music you a genius.”
I don't play but I'll introduce you to my pianist
She said you need a little ice just to keep me cool
No dimes but baby here go the family jewels
I'm tight with my dough like my family Jew
Uh! I said "Jews" my career is screwed
I ain't mean in the “Chanukkah” sense of the word
I realize it's a sensitive word
Plus a lot of best friends is white
I mean ah, I mean my Air 1's, my diamonds and my Benz is white
And I ain't one of them producers that pretend to write
But another motherfucker like to get his ends right
I ain’t one of those rappers saying I’m going to end your life
Every other line what they going to put in your wife, you heard?!

That's dope. Is that from a song?
That's just some freestyle shit, I ain't put it on nothing yet.

That shit was hot, man.
[Raps]You know why every positive Black woman in the hood be trying to say that I ain’t about shit?
Because I be having a white girl on my shirt, a white girl on my arm
Fuck it she go with my outfit
It’s something about them double D’s that just get to me
She might not be nothing to you, but she’s the shit to me
I’ma buy her a drink
I’ma buy her a mink
She try to tells me that my rose gold chain is pink
OK, whatever you think
OK, two more drinks
It’s about to be that ass on the bathroom sink
Let’s say you hypothetically came back to my house
And my dick hypothetically slip in your mouth
Now niggas told me you rhyme, I thought they was bullshitting
Till I asked her to swallow and she straight got to spitting
She said “You see my hair?” I ain’t notice nothing different
I went to sleep, I woke up. She stayed and cleaned up my kitchen
And then left and ain’t ask for shit from me
Now she might be nothing to you, but she the shit to me.

Wow man. Is that just a freestyle too?
For now. I think I’m putting it on the “Breathe In, Breathe Out” remix though.

Are you not really doing beats for other people right now?
Yeah, I do beats for other people, still. I don’t got to shop. The problem is, I don't like to make remake beats. It’s some creative bullshit, the whole little “keeping it real, keeping the music fresh,” dumb shit I be on. Instead of actually going and remaking the exact beat I made, going and getting money.

The music is few and far between. It's not fast food. Whatever comes to me, whatever God blesses me with—I know you’ve heard this before, a lot of times when creating, you're just getting in the way of what God's plan is. I know that I'm going to reach people in a positive way, and a lot of the bullshit I be saying is just funny, it makes people feel good. I don't be saying shit to hurt people’s feelings. I got this song called "The Workout Song" where I even send the big girls a shout-out. I'm not trying to alienate nobody. I just want to make music that feel good, that everyone can fucking enjoy. I know you can't please everybody, but if anybody got a shot, I do.

I think before you were saying that industry people think it won't do well, but me personally I think there's a good chance.
Thanks, man. I appreciate it.

It doesn't mean much coming from me but I’m just saying.
But it do, though.

It's original. There's not people that present themselves as regular people. The image takes over.
I put exactly what I go through and exactly what my niggas go through. Reality rap was when people started saying, “I know that you talk about self-destruction, but you know, my niggas, we do sell a little bit of crack. We don’t really want to sell crack but we do, OK? So we do, aight?” It was fresh when Biggie and Jay did it.


I'm not trying to alienate nobody. I just want to make music that feel good, that everyone can f***ing enjoy. I know you can't please everybody, but if anybody got a shot, I do.


But then niggas started, “We sell crack and I’m going to crack you up and crack in the wall and crack, crack, crack.” Like golly. Now it's fresh for somebody to be like, "You know what? I don't know how to chop rocks. I actually never sold drugs before in my life." Is it OK for me to put my words together over a beat now? These are my thoughts. Can I spread my thoughts where I'm coming from in this? I'm the perfect person to express how the people feel. I'm a class clown. I'm the asshole. I'll be the jerk in the situation. I'll take the loss. I'll make the song that says I'm self confident and shit, and not give a fuck.

What's the worst thing people would say about you? People that know you?
Hmm. I guess other people could say it better. A lot of time I do things strictly to impress motherfuckers.

Like what?
Like rapping right now. Just to show you, like, motherfucker, I'm nice.

I take it that you just like to spit.
I do, but I'm a show-off on the same token. That's the whole thing. That's part of being original. One one hand, I still know that some throwbacks is hot, but if I get it, I'm not going to impress nobody with that shit. Ain't nobody trying to be like, “Where you get that from?” But it's for me to go out and buy some shit where motherfuckers is like, “Ohhh!” Or say some shit where niggas be like, “How did you fucking think of that!? Nobody said that before. Nobody sampled that before. Nobody made a song about that before. Nobody's video looked like that before.”

So a trendsetter.
Yeah. Definitely a trendsetter. Like I got this club joint, it's crazy. It’s called "The Workout Song." Where you at right now? You should come to the Quad studio right now to check it out.

I wish I could, man but I’m stuck at my job.
Tell them that’s what you got to do to finish your interview. If you’re here and you hear the music you’ll be able to describe it better.

If it could be a different time I coul. But I can’t today.
Let me talk to, what’s his name? Elliott. [Laughs] Who’s in charge over there?

Datwon and also Patricia
So why don’t you put her on the phone?


I actually never sold drugs before in my life." Is it OK for me to put my words together over a beat now? These are my thoughts. Can I spread my thoughts where I'm coming from in this? I'm the perfect person to express how the people feel. I'm a class clown. I'm the a**hole. 


I’m a freelancer.
Oh, you’re a freelancer. For “The Workout Song” I be like, [Raps] And tuck your tummy tight and do your crunches like this
Give head, stop breathe, get up, check your weave
Don't drop the blunt and disrespect the weed
Pick up your son and don’t disrespect your seed
It's a party tonight and ooh she's so excited
Tell me who's invited: you, your friends and my dick
What's scary to me,
Henny makes girls look like Halle Berry to me
So excuse me miss, I forgot your name
Thank you, God bless you, good night I came
All the mocha lattes, you got to do Pilates
After the parties, meet me in the lobby now
[Sings]And maybe we can work it out
[Scratches] Work it out, work it out, c’mon, work it out

Oh girl your silhouette make me wanna light a cigarette
My name Kanye from the Jigga set
Twista said "Get It Wet"
Ooh girl your breath is harsh!
Cover your mouth up like you got SARS
Off them tracks, yea I bought them cars
Still kill a nigga on 16 bars
We sweating to the oldies
We juking to a cold beat
Maybe one day girl we can bone
So you can brag to all your homies
But I still mess with a big girl
The you ain't fit girl, I'll still hit girl
One and you brought two friends
Okay, three more now hop in the Benz
4-door - do you know the difference between a 5, 6, 7, 8
All the mocha lattes you gotta do Pilates
You gotta pop this tape in before you start back dating
Hustlers, gangstas, all us ballas

You still there?

[Laughs] “The Workout Song."
Yeah. That’s the concept, my man.

I think we touched most of the bases. Do you have anything to add? You’re 26 right?
Just turned 26, June 8.

Oh happy birthday.
Thanks. That’s really my age, too. Sometimes I be looking at people’s ages and be like, “Damn—maybe I should’ve lied about my age, too.” But fuck it. Fake and wannabe 19-year-olds don’t sell no records so. If them niggas is what age they is, than I’m 13 years old. I think you got a really good interview, if you could somehow put my energy into words.

Did you need any of my punchlines? Because these you really need to quote right. I said, “No ice but I gave her the family jewels/I'm tight with my dough like my family Jew/Uh! I said "Jews" my career is screwed.” That’s the most powerful line.

Yeah because you know what happened to Michael Jackson and everything. That’s like the worst word you can say on a record.
Man, then maybe you shouldn’t quote it then [Laughs].

Is there anybody that you’re working with now?
I did Ludacris’ first single for Chicken-n-Beer album.

That’s not “Act A Fool” is it?
C’mon now. I would’ve acted a fool if I did that.

Is there anyone you’re working with that people would be surprised by?
dead prez—I’m working on their new album. Consequence.

I liked his tape that he put out.
Yeah, that’s my artist right there.

”Good, Bad and Ugly” that’s a good song. Good concept and everything. You had a good line in that too with, “I ain’t fucking you with them too long shoes.” [Laughs].
[Raps] “And acted bougie in a Grey Poupon mood/Said, I'mma act cheap in a coupon mood.” That’s what I be giving them. I be giving it to them, motherfuckers is going to give me my just due.

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