Back in November, Kanye West told Philadelphia radio station Wired 96.5 that his current favorite artist was 2013 Mercury Prize winner James Blake. In an interview with Blake in Rolling Stone published today, he confirmed that West has “been in contact”, then followed up with this disclaimer: “I'm not sure there's any fucking point in telling you because it just ends up on a website and then people think it's happening and it doesn't happen and then I feel like a shit…I hope I haven’t offended anybody.”

It seems that the physical distance between the two artists may interfere with Blake’s working style, which is “bare bones and personal.” Unintentional teasing aside, Blake told fans, “All I can say is we'll see and watch this space but there's things coming…My monotonous tone of voice won't show you that, but I'm excited." Somebody please get on a plane already.

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