It's Valentine's Day and if you don't have a gift yet for that special somebody, well then you're shit out of luck, buddy. But if bonus points, extra credit, and making up lost ground are your thing, then kick outside your coverage no more amigo.

Make it up to your lady/man/co-worker on the low low with some special one on one time to the tine of "Paris" by NYC trio Imaginary Friends. If this sexy, deep house slow jam doesn't give your valentine a heart-on then feel free to call Hallmark's most successful investment since gift cards a total failure.

Imaginary Friends ("IF") is composed of producers Benny Renier & Jimmy Q as well as killer saxophone and lead vocals from Sapphire Adizes. The three young musicians met at The New School In Manhattan in 2012 and have been making music together as a trio ever since as well as pursuing their own personal projects.  Their debut track, "She Knows" (which was released two months ago), has reached over 37k plays and their following continues to grow daily.

Get to know the homies on Facebook and make sure to scoop a download so you can take it to "Paris" tonight.