Seba's been a drum & bass enigma since he stepped onto the scene. The Swedish producer has operated an interesting space; the name of his imprint, Secret Operations, speaks to how he releases music. You might not hear from him in a bit (in this case, it's been a year since he released his last album, Identity, and almost half a year since he put out a single on Warm Communications). However, when he emerges? You're guaranteed true, deep treats. So it's our pleasure to let Seba select a quintent of delectable tracks that have inspired him in the days before the release of his next EP, Mesmerism. If you've been following his career over the last 15+ years, the Five Tracks he's selected should make sense. None of them are drum & bass, but that's the beauty of his output; he draws from influences all over and builds them into a dnb mindstate. More producers should think like that. Here are Seba's Five Tracks (with a quick Mesmerism teaser down below).