This record is a giant "I told you so."  Do Androids Dance launched the #TRAPTHURSDAYS brand last year with Valentino Khan as his name was still bubbling in the streets, and he's gone on to explode.  We wrote up the Iggy Azalea's collaborative record with Bro Safari last month, noting why this musical partnership made complete sense.  And we're continuously giving Green Lantern praise for being a living legend with the ability to switch lanes.  Now that all three of these amazing acts have partnered on a single tune, we're sitting back and smiling.  Big room synths, trap drums, and Iggy's signature vocals leading into a filthy drop just works marvelously.  This is coming out on February 11 on Ultra Records, a label that's shifting heavily into the bass music lane.  We're just sitting back and enjoying the ride over here.