You've got to start wondering at some point what's really in the water in DC.  Yeah, I know there's been great DJs and producers in the DC/Baltimore area for sometime now.  My focus is really on the last 12 months or less, though.  Just look at what these CrackBeetz kids are knocking out in the blink of an eye.  These youngsters just dropped their seventh overall release, INDIGO EP ≈ 003, and it's a stunning collection of electronic beat-driven ideas that point more to the next than to the area's storied past.  And any thriving scene should be about progression and the emergence of new ideas.  I.V., who we just featured on our 50 Under 5000, starts the set off with a gritty hip-hop banger that completely rinses out even at just two minutes and change in length.  Another highlight is the purple LuckyMe-style joint "Waterside" from AO Beats and Manila Killa.  And I can't lie, the remix of Miley's "Adore" from K Chambers is just $$$.  The whole release is actually super tight and currently available for free.  DC next shit right here.