Unlike a lot of "music critics" and bloggers, I for one have zero problem admitting I love pop music. Whether it's panty-soaking dubsex like Krewella's debut album Get Wet or the latest Katy Perry jam, you can find me usually having a hum about it. Now taking that a step further, I love hearing what fresh producers are doing to top 40 as I think it can be a really great way of seeing how a sound is progressing and its' one of the best ways one can appreciate pop music if you're one of those who just can't get down to pop music. So what happens when you take up and coming bass music producer and aficionado Jesse Slayter and you give him Christina Perri's "Human?" Dopeness happens.

Jesse Slayter, a producer already with releases on Mad Decent, Get Right Records, and EMI/Century Media, took this vocal gem and turned it into a smash. This is the perfect gateway track for those not quite ready to get down. Perri's vocals are classic, but it's Slayter's sense of tension and release as he arranges this in such a way that really packs a punch. Slayter's sound design is also similar to that of Brillz and for that we're loving it, because while it is of a similar style, it's definitely it's own thing. And by own thing, I mean it's a track that you need to have in your crates and ready to go. You can't just dive right into those extra special dubplates and white labels; sometimes you need something with a dose of top 40 familiarity to pave the way and lubricate the crowd. This one is going to do just that and then some.