"The night that we did 'The Next Movement' we also came up with '100% Dundee,' with Rahzel and Scott Storch. I just remember the session being at Battery Studios in New York City, and Kamal and I had taken some mushrooms that night. The music for both of those songs was super intense. Bringing out a big deal of emotion.

"We met Jeff as a fellow Philadelphian and back in the day he had a room in a building that housed other studios. Just in passing, you'd see Jazzy Jeff if he was working in his room. His camp had producers like James Poyser and Dre and Vidal. He had artists like Jill Scott. A super interactive family situation, in Philly between producers in general. If you know one studio, one production team from the city of Philadelphia, you kinda knew them all. That's where we knew Jeff from, aside from knowing of him as a hip hop icon. We knew him from passing, sharing the same space as fellow Philadelphians.

"We just gave him ideas of what we needed and it felt really natural. It didn't feel like something that was contrived or forced at all. It was dope."