"It was that same sort of lyrical sparring between Malik and myself. There's definitely a kind of beat that I find easier to work with on that kind of song. It's not as easy to describe here. It's just something we call 'rhyme friendly.' If there's a track that's rhyme friendly, the verse will basically write itself. If the track is less rhyme friendly, you have to put forth a little more effort to get the song out.

"I met Malik my first day in college at the school I went to. I decided upon it because of something that my cousin was telling me. He told me, 'there's a rapper at this school you should battle.' So I went to battle Malik at this college. I did that the first day I got there and it was a decent battle. So we started to work together.

"Our process, our relationship has always been amazing. It stems from brotherly love for one another. It's always been competition that builds the foundation for where we are now. But the will to compete, that's always been there.

"He was a rapper who was skilled and he had a lot of the same sensibilities I had. We came from the same place in Philly, from similar families. But he was very different than what I was. It was a yin and yang kinda thing. He made The Roots more balanced sonically."