"'Double Trouble,' yeah we hooked up with Mos. [He] and Santigold were really, really good friends. Santigold is like a sister to me, when all is said and done. There was that and the connection through Da Bush Babees, Khalil and that whole crew. They were good friends with Mos. We had a guy named Ocean that was in a group called Natural Resources. His partner, her name was originally What What but she changed her name to Jean Grae.

"Certain people that I knew in Brooklyn and in the connection through Santigold kind of brought Mos Def onto my radar. We had always known that he was nice and when he started working with De La [Soul], we liked what he was doing with them. We had decided that we were going to do this joint. We got together in the studio, I think we were at Platinum Island Studios, some studio on Broadway that no longer exists.

"I remember Kweli being in the room and Kweli was working on a verse that I guess he was going to lay on this record. In retrospect, knowing Kweli now, he's my boy—we were born on the same day we have so much in common—but on that day, I wasn't under the impression that Kweli was getting on this song. I thought it was going to be Mos and myself, so there was a little you know, confusion as to who was going to be on the record.

"Once we narrowed it down and decided that it would be Mos and I doing 'Double Trouble' and not 'Triple Trouble,' I think Kweli may have thought that I didn't fuck with him for some reason. But obviously that wasn't the case, and we all went on to become great friends and worked together on many different occasions. I just remember that day, feeling horrible that there was that mix-up.

"I also remember having my half of the record down and Mos having his half written but not recorded. And he was like, ‘Hey, you want a fish sandwich? I'ma go get a fish sandwich.' [Laughs] He left the studio that day and never came back. Then I really felt bad, like Kweli is here! Mos disappeared to go get a fish sandwich, never to return. I didn't see Mos for a couple of weeks after that. It was a weird day. But that's a hip-hop classic."