"I think those records were done at the same studio and during the same two or three day period as I recall. I think we had just finished the 'Act II' joint when we did the 'Double Trouble' song or vise versa, but we did them in the same room.

"Common, I can't remember who introduced us but we met early in both our careers and we just kind of clicked. There was a point in time where we would just hang out all the time. Common would come to Philly and stay at my crib and I would go to Brooklyn and stay at his place in Brooklyn. We would do shows around the city together, we would jump on open mics and freestyle on the radio.

"It would be Common, myself, Jeru the Damaja, Pete Rock and his whole crew, he brought some of these kids from a group called INI, Dead Prez, we all would clique up and always remain friends. I guess if it ain't broke don't fix it and if you know that you're doing a record and you want someone with a certain sensibility or certain sound and you're able to draw from a pool of your close friends and comrades that shit is better.

"You don't necessarily go outside the circle. We had people who could sing, we had people who made beats, we had people who rapped with more of a relaxed drawl, we had people who sounded real New York. we had people who may come off more militant than another, but it all just kind of worked out for what everyone needed at this point in time. That's why you see so many of the same names popping up working together."