It's no surprise that Queen Bey has become the subject of a string of thirsty remixes.  Her album was significant so thankfully we're actually getting some quality remixes.  My personal favorite right now is this new exclusive remix from SoCal's JayKode.

Taking on "Drunk In Love", JayKode's remix is a straight up flex. The crossover remix is both intoxicating and hard-hitting. A smooth mix of Beyonce's seductive voice and sub-bass, JayKode's arrangement leans more hip-hop then straight dance music, but the track is so clearly something of it's own beast.  Swirling fills, hypnotic vocal work, middle eastern pads and ominous but bangin' percussion make up this trap and bass bomb.  JayKode has been consistently putting numbers on the board as he's developed his own well-executed and exciting take on twerk and trap, and this is no different.