It's Rihanna's 26th birthday and since we weren't invited to the #cabinlife affair, we wanted to celebrate in our own way. Picking the best of the best from her Instagram? Unfeasible. Face it, there are too many good ones and we like to keep our numbers tidy—26 best Rihanna selfies? She posted 26 stunners yesterday, alone.

But another thing Riri has in spades is hits, so when we knew her birthday was coming up, a debate started to brew: What is Rihanna's best song? Is "Umbrella" actually her No. 1 or just her star-maker? Is she just as much a balladeer as she is a slicked up pop machine? Are there deep cuts that are just as worthy of shine as songs like "We Found Love" or "Rude Boy"? We holed up in the office and deliberated which twenty-six songs would make the cut and then, with even more passion, where each of them ranked. Check out where we landed with The 26 Best Rihanna Songs.

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