Mixtape: Hoes & Plays
Producer:  SweatDaTracc

This track has been around since last summer and popped up on a couple of mixtapes but didn't seem to catch on. But now that Bloody Jay has been building some momentum, it seems like a good time to drop a video for it. The latest release to feature it is the Hoes & Plays tape, which has a bunch of tracks from Apollo Kidd and Hollywood Cocaine. Tarxan shows up for a few joints too. Now that they got a video, it’s appeared on a few sites and might catch on.

That hook goes; it’s perfectly suited for yelling at motherfuckers in the club that you don’t like. This beat is on some low budge Mike Will Made It-sound, with its use of the filtering effect he perfected. But it works here too, because when it drops out at the beginning of their verses and then drops back in, it makes this shit work. Bloody Jay’s intro to his verse is the best use of the drop. Between that, and the way the hook comes in, this song brings some life to a tape that needs a bit more aggression. Ball out, crack raps, and trap joints are cool too, but man, sometimes you just want some angry shit to get hype to.

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