Few things get me as immediately excited as seeing the words "new" and "SBTRKT" next to each other in a sentence. After getting hooked on his work as so many did in 2012, the relative drought of new material in 2013 (despite Sampha's feature on the Drake album) was a harsh transition for his fans, but "Hold The Line" is relief for the thirsty in the form of his first completed original track in over a year.

Taking a deeper, bit-crushed turn from where he strode before, SBTRKT appears to be exploring the limits of his sound as "Hold The Line" seats itself first in a line of forthcoming instrumental "vinyl 12"s that will come before [the] next album," to be released over the coming months. The news was broken early this morning on Mary Anne Hobbs' BBC6 radio show, only fitting that we get this good news from her sultry voice. We'll have our radars finely tuned to see what the normally secretive SBTRKT's next moves are, and if they're on par with this, they'll likely be big.

(Pigeons & Planes)