With Migos and their extremely questionable caricatures of Latino and Chinese people on tracks like "Adios" and especially "Chinatown" currently some of the hottest things in rap, it should perhaps be expected that we'll see a stream of tracks informed by their output. Enter "Amigos," a new single from Young Scooter featuring Juelz Santana and Lostarr.

The track's hook goes about as you would expect, starting off with the phrase "hola, amigos" before affirming later "we're not gringos," which is a funny interjection considering the rudimentary Spanish on display.

Migos, of course, aren't the first rappers to bastardize the language and identities of Latino people, and they're not going to be the last. But considering the singularity of their music and, well, that "Amigos" is called "Amigos" it seems likely that a song like this is at least a very small part of their legacy.

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