Rick Ross shuffled a stack of legal paperwork and dealt LMFAO a suit. (It was not hearts.)

Date: January 2

"Rick Ross and Jermaine 'Mayne Zayne' Jackson, one half of the production duo The Runners, have sued pop group LMFAO for copyright infringement. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ross and Jackson have filed a copyright infringement lawsuit in a Florida federal court over the group's 2010 song 'Party Rock Anthem.' The chorus of the song includes the lyric, 'Every day I'm shufflin',' a direct interpolation of the hook from Ross' breakout hit 'Hustlin'. ('Every day I'm hustlin'...) LMFAO's publishers Kobalt Music Group and car company Kia Motors America (who have licensed 'Party Rock Anthem' for television commercials) are also defendants."—Claire Lobenfeld