Plastician has had his fingers all over DAD as of late. We recently spoke to the legendary DJ/producer about his label Terrorrhythm, fell in love with the Turquoise compilation, and today we're showing you Table Scraper, an artist we heard Plastician co-signing on Rinse FM earlier this week. Though there's no information on his SoundCloud (aside from his non-specific location (Britain, UK) and an assurance that "This will soon make sense…"), the producer's tunes are of such a caliber that we had to post despite minimal information.

With 19 original tracks and one thirty-minute mix of original tunes all uploaded within the last month, Table Scraper has in a remarkably short period of time, caught our full attention. Showcasing a diverse yet uniquely focused sonic style and expert production prowess, Table Scraper mixes elements of trap, future bass, UK bass and straight-up old school Dub Police-styled dubstep to express an intricate palate of textures and emotions. While most of the tracks take on a meditative vibe (like "Blue Cheese," "70's Side Burns," or "For Ever Walks A Drifter") there's also a taste of some higher energy tracks sure to rattle bass bins ("Acid Trip").

Though we have no confirmation at the time of writing, it seems to be that Table Scraper is none other then Trolley Snatcha. Earlier this week Snatcha posted links to a few Table Scraper tracks on his Facebook page, but did so without explicitly saying it was his music. That said, given the the tracks' collective sonic cues, the location, and Trolley's sudden re-emergence and promises to deliver new records, it makes sense that this would be his project given the climate around bass music as a whole. Either way, who ever is behind Table Scraper, we hope you keep churning out cuts like these!