Occupation: Rapper, former member of White Girl Mob
Why we hated them: Because she used the N-word like it's all good
Lyrical shoutout: N/A

Sigh. Alright.

In 2010, Kreayshawn—a clever girl hanging around L.A., San Francisco, and Oakland—smoked drugs and directed videos for Lil B, Odd Future, Soulja Boy and others, while trying to jump-start her own music career on YouTube. Within a year, she hits upon "Gucci Gucci," a bouncy song about how one needn't bother with expensive labels to feel good, an idea later echoed by Macklemore and Lorde.

She gets signed to a record label for seven-figures, which is an absurd and unnecessary amount, but such is the industry. At this point, everything's moving so quickly for her: she's soon behind the camera for the Red Hot Chili Peppers (the video never comes out) and occupying studio space with the hottest producers in the game. But, worry not, some say; she's the same ol' girl from Oakland, that's why she's got her crew with her.

Alright, fine, cool.

They call themselves the White Girl Mob? Eh, not so cool, but go on. One of the members—the fresh outta jail V-Nastyuses a certain racial epithet quite casually, often? And there's video evidence, often? And she's unapologetic about it, often? Not cool. (Two of her more-common excuses were her Oakland upbringing and her Vietnamese descent.)

Unfairly, V-Nasty ended up being the more interesting personality. She embraced her troll-y status, recording BAYTL with Gucci Mane in 2011 and—more recently—claiming that she's working with Ryan Seacrest on a reality show. You know, in case you didn't think she could be a bigger villain.