Occupation: 40th President of the United States
Why we hated them: Because was responsible for Reaganomics, ramping up the War on Drugs, and allegedly importing cocaine into South Central Los Angeles.
Lyrical shoutout: "I'm dropping off the grid before they pump the lead/I leave you with four words: I'm glad Reagan dead." - Killer Mike on "Reagan"

Villainy comes in many different forms. Some villains are right in your face; some appear behind your back. Some are real, some are dreamed up. Villains could be the weakest of the weak, or even the 40th President of the United States.

Is it crazy to think that Ronald Reagan's Reaganomics began the extreme furthering of the upper and lower classes? Is it crazy to think that Ronald Reagan's War on Drugs disproportionally targeted African American communities in the enforcement of mandatory minimum penalties for drug offenses in the War on Drugs? Is it crazy to think that Ronald Reagan looked the other way when his own Contra agents trafficked cocaine through Nicaragua?

Is it crazy to think that Reagan's people brought crack to South Central Los Angeles, which led to devastating consequences for both the country at large and the African American community in specific? Isn't it crazy that hip-hop could be born out of necessity during this long and tortured decade at the hands of Ronald Reagan and his policies, and successfully overcame and outlasted the man himself? Crazy.