Occupation: Former host of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Current CEO of the Oprah Winfrey Network
Why we hated them: Because she hated on hip-hop for the longest
Lyrical shoutout: "I don't wanna sip tea or chit chat on your sofa/Bitch, I ain't Jay-Z: Fuck you, Oprah!/Suck dick deep throat gag down gag/You don't like hip-hop, then we don't like your ass." - 50 Cent on "Play This On The Radio"

Oprah Winfrey may currently be the most powerful woman on the face of the planet to have never held elective office or been part of a ruling family. With her self-titled television program, and later her own television network, she positively enhanced the entire medium.

The most popular segment on her show was the long-running "Oprah's Favorite Things," where Oprah would feature a number of products that she felt were exceptional or would make for a great holiday gift. As a bonus, every member of the audience that day would leave the taping with a gang of those products, which included TVs, biscuits, shoes, body butter, gift cards, cookware, and so much more! Noticeably absent from her favorite things year after year, though: hip-hop!

Not even DVD copies of Caught in the Crossfire starring 50 Cent?! Instead, she gave away body butter?! Oprah, as it turns out, felt that charges of misogyny in rap lyrics held weight, and the use of the N word was flagrant, yet wouldn't have a constructive panel to discuss any issues she had with the genre.

Instead, Oprah used a promotional interview with the cast of the film Crash, to push Ludacris on the subject. Afterwards, according to GQ Magazine, Luda claimed that Oprah privately mentioned that she didn't book rappers on the show, fearing she'd empower them. This led to rappers like Ice Cube speaking out, as well as 50 Cent, who told the Associated Press, he could "care less about Oprah or her show," which targeted "older white women."

In 2009, Oprah would let her guard down and invite Jay Z to guest on her show; he was charming, engaging, and fun and returned a couple years later when she started her television channel. She's interviewed Jay's wife, Beyoncé, run in the same power circles as them, and surely danced to Jay's music, so even if hip-hop isn't one of O's favorite things, the most powerful family in hip-hop certainly is.