Occupation: 43rd President of the United States
Why we hated them: Because he doesn't care about black people
Lyrical shoutout: "Fuck President (Georgia) Bush/When you see them Confederate flags, you know what it is/A white cracker muthafucka that probably voted for him." - Lil Wayne on "Georgia"

2005 wasn't that long ago. Everyone remembers Hurricane Katrina: the images of people stranded on the roofs of houses, of an overcrowded and dysfunctional SuperDome, of water where neighborhoods used to be.

The government response was pitiful. In assessing the situation, two days after the storm had hit, Bush flew overhead, pressing his face to the plane window. When he landed, he told the head of FEMA that he was doing a "heckuva job" when it seemed like he wasn't doing a job at all. Every day seemed to get worse and worse. Or, actually, every day it did get worse.

And that's when—in the middle of a telethon—at the tail-end of heart-felt comments about race and why on Earth the response was so slow, Kanye West said the words, "George Bush doesn't care about black people." The camera quickly cut away to Chris Tucker, somewhere else, to get back on script, but those words could not be contained.

Lil Wayne recorded "Georgia...Bush," where he asked, "The white people smiling like everything cool/But I know people that died in that pool/I know people that died in them schools/Now what is the survivor to do?" And, of course, there were other incidents: the Iraq War spurred Eminem to write "Mosh," Jadakiss accused him of knowingly attacking the World Trade Center on "Why?" and on and on and on and on.

Years later, Bush would say Kanye's comments were one of the "most disgusting" moments of his presidency. Really W? You were the President during 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, the Economic Collapse, and a dozen other fuckups, but a rapper calling you out was so terrible?