Occupation: Host of Fox's The O'Reilly Factor
Why we hated them: Because he got Pepsi to fire Ludacris, tried to get Nas banned from Virginia Tech
Lyrical shoutout: "Shout out to Bill O'Reilly, I'mma throw you a curve/You mad cause I'm a THIEF and got away with words/I'mma start my own beverage, it'll calm your nerves/Pepsi's the New Generation—BLOW IT OUT YA ASS!" - Ludacris on "Blow It Out Ya Ass"

A quick search of "fuck Bill O'Reilly" in rap songs has results from Tyler, the Creator and Crooked I. Meanwhile, Jay Z and Killer Mike have said the same thing with different words in the middle. Readers of Complex may not understand how one could hate the guy who—in a roundabout way—brought us all Cam'ron's "You mad!" face. But, Bill O'Reilly makes it pretty easy.

As just one of many examples, in 2004, he did his best to get Ludacris dropped from a splashy commercial deal for Pepsi, saying: "Now this guy Ludacris, this isn't some kind of Ozzie Osborne deal here, all right?  This is a guy—You don't get more extreme than guy.  All right? He comes in and celebrates illegal, violent criminal activity. This is what he does. And I can't imagine a Fortune 500 company embracing this guy." Right, that same Ludacris, the killing machine that you thought was just making fun music.

Owing to O'Reilly's large audience of old white people, all with the ability to write letters, Pepsi dropped Luda from the deal. But Bill-o wasn't done: he tried to get Nas kicked off Virginia Tech's campus a year after there'd been a mass shooting. (He said, "Having a rapper who trades in violence perform at Virginia Tech insults the victims, the university and the entire commonwealth.") If only he was as tough on the gun industry as he was on rappers!

Equally as egregious is that O'Reilly is never up for a true conversation. When Nas challenged him to a one-on-one public debate in 2008, he never responded. He did have Lupe Fiasco on his show once (after Lupe called Obama "the biggest terrorist") but the interview was so heavily edited we're not sure we'd call it a fair fight.