We're done trying to make any logical sense of what Mr. Carmack is doing.  In an industry where everyone is chasing plays, hiring marketing teams and PR firms to target audiences and schedule releases, and handing wares off to websites in the hopes that writers will like the content enough to post it, Carmack gives zero fucks about any of this, and somehow stays winning.

What's even crazier is he pulled a Deadmau5 and deleted damn near everything on his SoundCloud, then uploaded four new tracks over the weekend. And though it might sound ridiculous, his collaboration with Kaytranada is arguably the weakest of these records. "Drugs" and his remix of "dark hadou" are absolutely disgusting. And there's no telling how long these songs will be up.

We made a list of tunes that Mr. Carmack produced because his own SoundcCloud page is the least reliable resource for his records. But the new game is going to be that one person that rips the wares that he uploads in an effort to archive this ridiculous flow of genius records.