You have never seen me post an "aftermovie" for anything on our site.  I hate the term, and frown at the way that festivals push off independent cinematographers in an effort to hoard content that they take months to release.  If ever there was a time to drown myself in hypocrisy, this would be it, though.

This recap of Heroes x Villains' set at Life In Color in Miami was completed less than two weeks, and captures a magical set from a group of homies.  Flipping between real-time and slow motion truly captures the moment here, and seeing the energy of tens of thousands of fans outside of the Sun Life Stadium is mind-blowing.

And of course Heroes x Villains are personal friends.  Seeing the progression from Daniel playing 1000-capacity venues in Atlanta and trap houses in Philly (literally) just a year ago to these massive crowds is surreal.  And this reminds me that I've never been to a Life In Color party.  This might be the year I need to venture out of my house and get sprayed with paint.