Everyone likes to rant about how dubstep, drum & bass, or [insert genre here] isn’t dead, but let’s get one thing straight: Disco is never gonna die. One of the talented musicians keeping it alive and well is none other than Fred Falke. I had the privilege of catching one of his sets in San Fran a few years ago and it definitely left one hell of an impression on me, so much so that I instantly had to check out this remix he did as soon as I noticed it in my inbox. He did a solid disco remix of Foxes' (yes, that “Clarity” chick for all you noobs out there) "Let Go for Tonight," and when I pressed play I couldn’t help but dance my ass off for a solid six minutes and 56 seconds, then I pressed play and danced again and again and again. Such feel good vibes with amazing bass guitar riffs and melodies, add in Foxes powerful voice and you have a perfect track for those days when you’re home alone dancing and singing around your house in your underwear, Cameron Diaz style.

So there you have it, press play and enjoy!

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