Straight up, Feadz is a name you should already know.  Whether via his early roles as a Mr. Oizo collaborator (he worked on Analog Worms Attack) or his first releases on the legendary BPitch Control Records, it's his role in the hey day of Ed Banger Records that should ring the most familiar bell.  Let's really be real.  This is the guy that basically presented Uffie to the world, the girl who's still being copied to this day with all the singing and rapping white girls constantly dropping tunes and trying to break through.  Now on January 20 he finally releases his debut artist LP, Instant Alpha.  I caught up with him right before he hopped on a plane for some dates in the U.S. in efforts to get you, the reader, excited about this album.  Because it's pretty much amazing...

After 15 or so years being a producer, you're finally releasing your debut album.  Any reason why you waited so long?  Have any of these tracks been around for awhile and finally seeing the light of day or is the project a more recent idea?  Tell us about the timeline of creating Instant Alpha.
I've put back two tracks that were on my last EP (Electric Empire), as I thought those tracks deserved to live again, and because I wanted to print the lyrics of "Electric Empire." Besides those, it's only new tracks that have been created this year.  And they been made around a DJ concept that was the directive line for this LP.

Instant Alpha seems to have a very classic electro and hip-hop feel to it, one that's simultaneously a bit retro and also feels like a breath of fresh air.  Did you purposely set out to combine new and old sounds as much as you did or did it come to you more organically?
I really tried to look forward and do something a bit futuristic, but that being said, I always thought that vintage '80s synths and drum machines sound more futuristic than a few newer softwares.  So, yes, there is a classic electro vibe to it and several references to old music that had a big impact on my life.  The LP is the opposite of retro for me, though.

Your list of artists and producers you've collaborated with is pretty insane.  Is there a couple that kind of stand out as your favorites?  How so?
I was lucky to have talented friends, but yes all the people I ever work with are good friends.  And I think that we will work again together in the future.

We've heard a little chatter about a collaboration or two you have coming with Big Dope P.  Is the Moveltraxx crew one you're watching currently?  Who are some other newer artists and producers you're excited about these days?
I really like his label Moveltraxx and I always represented it in my sets, and I'm glad to have a great track on it with Big Dope P on this next one.  Besides that I'm watching closely the work of labels like Night Slugs, Pelican Fly, Marble...

There seems to be a lot of amazing and creative energy in France right now, at least from what we're hearing from the flood of great music anyways.  Is there anything different or noteworthy about this current era of creativity in your home country?
I think it's just creative waves and it works in mysterious ways.  Right now it's pretty good that's true.

Can we expect a Feadz tour to follow this year as well?  Any plans for some North American dates?
I'm currently on a little tour in the US.