Recently, Dr. Ozi released an EP on Buygore Records. It truly exemplified everything we love about bass music, and showed their ability to be diverse and create new sounds in a world where everything is starting to sound the same.

This new track is just a little bit of everything. It defies genre restrictions, and that the type of shit I love. A killer drop that leads into beats and bass that make me want to take my top off and swing it in the air above my head, and then throw my bra at the stage like rock & roll groupies have been known to do. The rap track is phenom, just so lyrical..."beat that beat harder than (dubbed down) mother fucking Skrillex." And right into those sweet vocals and back into that rap track. Run the trance? Never dance... it is just hot flow. Sizzling.

A white boy rapping about everything I love about this scene, in a song that has everything I love about electronic music packed into one track. I love this. It is dance music at it's finest. All encompassing, it surpasses the low expectations of mediocrity we have come to adopt in this scene. It is sounds like this that will move music forward. Welcome to the new year.