We’ve always known that deadmau5 speaks his mind and that, no matter how popular his music gets, he’s about his art above everything else. The flipside of that is, his level of celebrity means that he’s getting booked at places like Miami’s Manson nightclub, and not some more intimate, “true fans only” spot. That said, the story that’s brewing from Miami regarding deadmau5’s recent performance are not surprising on either side of the fence.

Based on deadmau5’s tweets and Instagram pictures during his performance, he was NOT happy about the first row of people watching him perform. Well, let’s take that back: the only thing they were “watching” was their smartphones, which deadmau5 documented via Twitter and Instagram:

Now for what it’s worth, Mansion is one of the trendier clubs in Miami, so while we understand deadmau5 wanting to have the attention of the people who paid to get into the club that night, we’re not necessarily surprised that all eyes in the front row weren’t on him. We live in a smartphone society, where the importance is on who retweets your picture of the event you’re attending, not how much you could be enjoying yourself. That said, we’re not mad at the reports we've seen, which say that deadmau5 actually ended his set early. From what we’re hearing, deadmau5 was having issues with the promoter (Live Nation) before the show started, and we have a feeling the lackadaisical attitude of the people in the front row set him off. After a weekend that included a speaker catching fire at one show and issues with his NYE show in New York, deadmau5 reacted in kind. Sucks if you are a true fan who hit the venue, but this is deadmau5: you can’t fault him for walking to the beat of his own drum, especially if he feels he’s been wrong and has had enough. In a live chat over on live.deadmau5.com, he had the following things to say:

"I fucking reamed out my agent for making me deal with that. Putting fans in the back and trust fund kids up front is fucking stupid as fuck.... I’d rather rent a venue / parking lot / beachfront and fuckin’ do it right."

We live in weird times, people. The growth of EDM in mainstream society means that not everyone in the club (especially the trendy ones) are going to be there for the music. While we’d imagine this would mean that deadmau5 should probably not accept booking at these spots (which he does seem to understand, and says he won't be playing anymore). We just love the fact that he has no problem standing his ground and firing back and the powers that be.