Ca$h Out has been mostly quiet since his 2012 anthem "Cashin Out" became one of the country's biggest club songs. Meanwhile, the star of his former collaborator Young Thug has only risen, as have a bevy of new ATL artists whose success threaten to obscure Ca$h Out's own profile. To be fair, he wasn't always the most distinctive performer. His latest tape, September's Ya Feel Me?, didn't entirely shake this impression. But the tape's best song—highlighted at the time in Complex's Deep Cuts column—is a sparse, sparkling gem. Produced by Dun Deal and DJ Spinz, "Addicted To Your Love" is more an R&B cut than anything else. Even cliche can't sideline Ca$h Out's exultation within the beat's delicate, deliberate structure.

Whereas the song itself has a rising guitar hook and heavy drums to anchor its inherent prettiness with a bit of muscle, the video just relies on dark lighting to do most of the atmospheric lifting, which really just makes it harder to see.

But maybe I'm just a hater, because Gucci Mane—or whoever's operating his social media these days—took to Facebook to cosign, uh, part of the video as well.

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