The last time we heard from Paradox, he was celebrating his 150th vinyl release; for his first release of 2014, he's dropping a new single via his Alaska AKA on Arctic Music. Switching the format up a bit, we get some proper atmospheric drum & bass vibes on the A-side with "Jasheri." You still get the proper drumfunk, and a warm, low sub keeping things tidy, but atop is a crystalline, cool to the touch ambient vibes that are so vital for Alaska output. On the flipside, you get the downtempo crush that is "Zoranine," highlighting that if you chilled Paradox's output a few hairs, you get to really see how he builds these masterpieces. Still full of the same breezy vibes as the other side, but for those of you who like things a bit slower. This is the ninth installment of the white 12" series, which means that this 180 gram vinyl comes in a snow white color. Snag the 12" today from the Arctic Music Surus store and get the MP3s for free.