Sweden's Drumcode is no doubt one of the techno world's finest outposts. The Adam Beyer-led label has been home to some of the genre's brighest in best in recent years including Beyer himself, Nicoule Moudaber, Joseph Capriatti, Ida Engberg, Marco Carola, Victor Calderone, and Alan Fitzpatrick, who is back with his latest release, The Tetra.

A three-track EP featuring three distinctly different tracks, this EP highlights Fitzpatrick's versatility as a producer. It opens with "The Tetra," a dark if not gothic yet twinkling while "1992" is a throwback sounding tune with crackling percussion and a ridged beat to keep the movement. The EP's final track is a "down the rabbit hole"-type track with a hypnotic groove, short synth stabs, and Shaman-like vocal samples and soundly rounds out the EP. For longstanding technoheads, Fitzpatrick is nothing new to you, but in case you're a little green, this is a great place to start.