Why we underestimated him: We didn't think anyone would take a sitcom actor/writer who used a Wu-Tang Clan name generator to create his rap name seriously.

When he proved us wrong: When he showed everyone that his rap career was not a joke by dropping his debut album, Camp, in 2011.

It took six mixtapes, an EP, and an album to do it, but Gambino finally forced people to take him seriously as a rapper. His debut album peaked at No. 11 on the Billboard 200 chart and has sold more than 240,000 copies to date. And his most recent effort, Because the Internet, did even better, charting at No. 7 on the Billboard 200 chart and selling almost 200,000 copies. The best part is, if there's still anyone who doubts his mic skills all you have to do is link them to this video and they'll become true believers. The craziest part is that Gambino's best days as a rapper are probably still ahead of him. 

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