Have you talked to Freeway? You and Free have been the only guys from the Roc that went independent and stayed somewhat relevant.
I talk to Freeway about that all the time.  I feel like I took the same route as Free. I never stopped working. Y’all may not have seen me in the mainstream, but I just tried to keep it consistent whether it was mixtapes with Mick Boogie or with Cannon, I was dropping shit. I understand being self made, ain’t nobody going to do it for you like you do. Today is easier, because we are our own machines with the Internet and social networks.

Freeway was one of the first people to be like, "I’ma do my independent thing."
And, you know what? Niggas like Jay respect it. Jay will hit me out the blue when he see me doing something. For instance, when I was on tour with Wale, [he was like,] "Stay out there." "Do more dates." Hey, he might see a video, "Yo, I see you. I like that 'Alive' joint." "Yo, that shit hit close to home. That shit remind me of State Property days." You know stuff like that from fans keep me going. So, to hearing that from Hov is….keep pushing.

I just went off and LeBron retweeted and said, 'Yo, Young Chris go in on this.' I was getting random calls then. 'Yo, you see LeBron’s tweet?'

You touched on relationships before. But, we just want to get this in. We don’t think anyone knew until after we did the interview that you knew LeBron. I remember the last time you told me, "I ain’t tryin to throw names, but that’s my homie. If I needed something I could go to him, but I don’t." And, the same situation with Hov.
Brand is everything. And, them dudes look at me in a certain space right now. So, when they’re looking at you in a certain space, it’s like, "He on his way." The respect is there. But, when they’re looking at you like, "Oh, he coming around to ask for this," they’re going to hit the back door on you.

I never came with my hand out, I always came working. That’s what they respect. Maybe a week ago, I did Cosmic Kev Come Up radio. Everytime I go up there he puts on 10 minutes. Cause Kev knows I can go for eight to 10, whatever. I just went off and LeBron retweeted and said, "Yo, Young Chris go in on this." I was getting random calls then. “Yo, you see LeBron’s tweet?”

Do you still talk to Beans?
Yes, Beans is booked right now. I just got his information from Freeway the other day. I’m going to write him. His son called me, maybe, a month ago. "Yo, my dad want me to come to the studio with you. He said, ‘Can you take me to the studio sometimes?'"

We remember that you had a solo album in the mix with Mark Ronson and Jay Z back in 2008-2009.
Beautiful records, man. That was when Mark had the label Allido. That almost came through with me and Wale just kicking it, doing songs here and there. I jumped out went on the Attention Deficit Tour.

What happened to those records?
I still got them.

You can’t release them?
I don’t know if I can. Who is to say we can’t just leak it? When records can’t make the album, I feel like you might as well get rid of it instead of just tucking it.

Beanie Sigel's son called me, maybe, a month ago. 'Yo, my dad want me to come to the studio with you. He said, ‘Can you take me to the studio sometimes?'

Are there any young artist you fucking with?
It’s this new kid from Philly, Chill Moody. He and Freeway just dropped a video recently. Pusha Feek from North Philly. Young Bob, Headshots that’s his movement. I can’t really give [co-signs] up to these guys, we put in too much work before I got my shot. I’ll just be doing it because we homies or because he from Philly. But this will be the same guys you have to go at a year or two later when they get too big for they britches.

What’s in the future for you? 
I take it one day at a time. I’m going into Alive. First debut. My first baby. I’m thankful for the future. I’m always strategic. Once I’m done with that, I will have a better idea of where I want to go. As of right now, me and Neef talking about doing Tough Love 2 after we do our solo projects.

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