Check Out This Fantastic Two-Hour Mix of Golden Era Hip-Hop

Check Out This Fantastic Two-Hour Mix of Golden Era Hip-HopImage via SoundCloud

Shecky Green and DJ Mighty Mi recently teamed up last week to offer a thrilling two-hour Thanksgiving mix on Shade 45 that highlights music from the golden era of hip-hop. Fittingly described as a "two-hour special devoted to boom-bap, classic hip-hop, funky beats and fresh rhymes," the mix is now available on SoundCloud for universal enjoyment.

It includes nearly 70 songs from artists like Run–D.M.C., Big Daddy Kane, Boogie Down Productions, as well as exclusive mash-ups created by Mighty Mi. Also included is a rare Nas interview with The Source from 1993 done by Green. As one of the founding members of The Source and the magazine's very first Editor-in-Chief, Green holds a very special place in hip-hop. That merit alone should be more than enough reason to check this out. The full rundown of the songs in "The Golden Era" mix can be found below.

1. Run-DMC - Sucker Mc's Instrumental
2. Run-DMC - Hollis Crew (Krush Groove II)
3. BDP - Poetry
4. Big Daddy Kane - Just Rhyming with Biz
5. Big Daddy Kane - Long Live The Kane
6. Skill Trade - Nice n' Smooth
7. 3XDope - Funky Dividends acapella
8. Antoinette - I Got An Attitude Instrumental
9. Super Lover Cee - Super Casanova
10. Kings of Pressure - Nod Your Head To This
11. MC Shan - I Pioneered This
12. Main Source - Live at the Barbecue Instrumental
13. N.W.A - If It Aint Ruff
14. BDP/Spinbad - Hip Hop vs. Rap
15. EPMD & LL Cool J - Rampage (Demo)
16. Big Daddy Kane - On The Bugged Tip
17. Grand Puba - Fat Rat
18. Eric B & Rakim - What's On Your Mind
19. Mc Lyte vs. Dr. Dre - Cram To Understand Bitchez
20. Pharcyde vs. BDP vs. Tribe - Runnin' Philosphy
21. Biggie vs. King Tee - Gimme The Ruff Loot
22. N.W.A vs. Super Lover Cee - Girls I Got 'Em Chin Checkin'
23. Moob Deep vs. All City Productions - Shook Mysterme
24. Dr Dre & Snoop vs. Son of Barzerk vs. Classical Two vs. BDP - New Generation Super Hoe G Thang
25. Greg Nice vs. N.W.A - Express Your DWCYK
26. Eric B & Rakim vs. Mc Breeze vs. Low Profile - I Know you Got LA Posse Soul
27. King Tee vs. Stetsasonic vs. Slick Rick - Children's Bass Story
28. Gangstar vs. Souls Of Mischief - Just To Get A Rep From 93 Till Infinity
29. Organized Konfusion vs. Souls Of Mischief - Fudge Pudge Infinity
30. Big Daddy Kane vs. Dr Dre - Lil Ghetto Steppin'
31. Pharcyde vs. Common - Passing Resurrection
90's Mix
32. A Tribe Called Quest - Butter
33. Lord Finesse - Funky Technician
34. Brand Nubian - Step To The Rear
35. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Skinz
35. Noriega - Esta Loca
37. Diamond D - F**k What You Heard
38. Wu Tang - Guillotine Swords
39. Biggie - One More Chance (LP Version)
40. Beatnuts - Psycho Dwarf
41. Beatnuts - World's Famous
42. Jeru The Damaja - You Can't Stop The Prophet (Pete Rock Remix)
43. Das Efx - Jussumen (Pete Rock Remix)
44. Redman - Rated R
45. Black Sheep - In The Ghetto
46. Kool G Rap - Money In The Bank
46. Nas - Halftime
Shecky's Nas Source interview from 1993
47. N.W.A - 8 Ball (Remix)
48. Public Enemy - Too Much Posse
49. Beastie Boys - Hey Ladies acapella
50. Dismasters - Small Time Hustler
51. Tuff Crew - My Part Of Town
52. De La Soul - Say No Go (Remix)
53. Special Ed - Ready To Attack
54. Big Daddy Kane vs. X-Clan - RAW dubapella over Head The Word Of The Brother Instrumental
55. X-Clan - Heed The Word Of The Brother
56. Biggie vs. X-Clan - Live Freestyle over Head The Word Of The Brother
57. BDP - Numero Uno
58. BDP vs. Ice Cube - Amerikkka's Most acapella
59. Jungle Bros - Straight Out The Jungle
60. EPMD - Knick Knack Paddy Wack
61. EPMD - You're a Customer
62. Stezo - To The Max
63. Just Ice & KRS - Moshitup
64. King Tee & Ice Cube - Played Like a Piano
65. YZ - In Control Of Things
66. Larry's Dance Theme - Grandmaster Flash
67. Skinny Boys - Jockbox
68. Fat Boys - Stick 'Em

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