Tonight isn't for amateurs: New Years Eve is one of those holiday nights where people want to go out, have a guaranteed good time, and get properly inebriated. We won't say you DJs shouldn't be experimenting, but tonight should be pretty simple: drop shit that you know the crowd will feel. In an effort to make sure the DJ community has an idea of what they should be slaughtering the dancefloor with, here are a mixture of tunes that will be surefire smashes in the club tonight. We tried to make sure that you have some new tunes, some classic 2013 tracks, bits that will get crowds chanting, and tunes that will cause a riot if dropped appropriately. Hell, if you're not planning on going out, and are raging in your wreck room, you could get hype to these tracks. All DAD wants is that you party hard, but be safe. Happy new year!