The Billionaire Boys Club and Icecream brands were used to strictly flex on people in 2012. A$AP Rocky had come up and made his name, and decided to drop Billionaire Boys Club in his raps for Swizz Beatz's "Street Knock." And on "Magic" Future showed his appreciation for Pharrell's Billionaire Boys Club grind. “Pharrell is the representation of jiggy for our generation," said A$AP Rocky in The Oral History of BBC. "He represents for those who are different and creative.”

"Billionaire boy that's true inspiration/Learned the Astronaut Kid, no such thing as limitation." —Future on "Magic"

"We some billionaire boy in some Billionaire Boys Club/Plus probably push a 'Gatti that's the billionaire's toy huh." —A$AP Rocky on Swizz Beatz's "Street Knock"

"Billionaire Boys, Icecream, my nigga/See the hat with the big ass B, my nigga?" —Pharrell on The-Dream's "Real"