Though Pharrell was still productive in 2009, it was one a relatively quiet year in his career. But that didn't matter because he had made so many damn hits during the late '90s and 2000s that his influence was beginning to show on rap's younger generation. Rappers who grew up idolizing Pharrell and his hip-hop iconoclast style, were now openly repping Billionaire Boys Club in their lyrics—whether they were friends with P or not. Kid Cudi, Wale, and Tyler, The Creator all paid respects to Skateboard P's brand in 2009 through their lyrics to show that they, too, loved, supported, and rocked Billionaire Boys Club.

"All the BBC cannot put you, in the same place or give you the same face/Find you first and you couldnt raise the stakes." —Kid Cudi on "Can I Be"

"Nigga, I'm in charge, I fuck with Freshjive/Cause I get it, no charge, and BBC for the low price." Tyler, The Creator on "Jack and the Beanstalk"

"DC chillin', PG chillin', floor To the ceilin'/Stuntin' in my Billionaire gear on my/Millionaire frames, that's money on my mind, Wale." Wale on "Chillin"

"And I be with P, so I got BBC shit/Even if I didn't I would ball like Arenas-swish." Wale on "Pretty Girls"