The first Icecream sneaker was seen during N.E.R.D.'s performance at Pinkpop 2004. In the same year, Fabolous and Pharrell both rapped about the sneaker. The most notable lyric for the year, however, came on Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot." The song was a huge hit, landing at No.1 on Billboard Hot 100 and becoming Snoop's first chart-topper since 1993. P stunted on the track, asking, "See these Icecreams?" To top it off, the minimalist black and white video for the song provided him the perfect opportunity to show off his kicks.

"I'm in the Icecream shoes, nice gleam too/Crack the button up so the ice beam through." —Fabolous on "Tit 4 Tat"

"I'm a nice dude, with some nice dreams/See these ice cubes? See these Icecreams?" —Pharrell on Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot"

"You and me/BAPE, Icecream and BBC (yup)/Just because we skate down the road (niggas)/Don't mean we can't slam Phantom doors (bitches)." Pharrell on "Maybe" Remix