After fans saw Billionaire Boys Club for the first time in 2003 during Pharrell's "Frontin'" video, rappers started mentioning the brand in their songs. Jay Z name-dropped BBC on "Change Clothes" and Pharrell also managed to get Nas to mention Billionaire Boys Club when they worked together on the soundtrack for Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. Pusha T showed his loyalty to Star Trak in '03 by hopping on Nelly's "#1 Remix" and mentioned Billionaire Boys Club twice in one verse, saluting Pharrell's new brand well before other rappers followed suit. 

"I wanted to present everybody with my world," said Pharrell in The Oral History Of BBC/Icecream. "Because at that time, I was making Billionaire Boys Club stuff for myself." 

"Imagine that Rolls Royce crashed and unscratched/In that Billionaire Boys Club fashion/Uh, you niggas is clones/I hand out styles like Icecream cones." —Pharrell on Clipse's "Hot Damn"

"Lookin for a coward-well it's not in here/Under the BBC, this heart be popping here." —Pusha T on Nelly's "#1 Remix"

"I'm hearing that the cops is here/In these BBC socks, I got the rocks in here." —Pusha T on Nelly's "#1 Remix"

"Hilton style, Billionaire Boys Club/Braveheart, y'all don't want no war with us." —Nas on "Nas' Angels... The Flyest"

"Jiggy this is probably Purple Label/Or that BBC shit, or it's probably tailored." —Jay Z on "Change Clothes"

"Hmm, flows on top of flows/Two hundred karats in my B-Boy pose/Cool Whip, the Icecream rake em in O's." —Pusha T on Kelis' "Milkshake Remix"

"I'ma show you more beats, more fees, more keys, more vis/BBC, wait a minute, more cheese." —Pharrell on Kelis' "Milkshake Remix"