Big Baby Gandhi Drops "Boomerang," The First Video From His Retirement Project

Queens rapper and Greedhead confidant Big Baby Gandhi is still quitting rap this year but he'll bow out with DEBUT, a self-produced 12-track album out December 6. It serves as both his introductory full-length and his swan song. The first track he's released from the record is the endearingly lo-fi and contagiously blissful "Boomerang." Here, Gandhi adopts the everyman relatability of the backpack era as filtered down through the aesthetic of a Lil B track like "The Age of Information." Though a nominal bonus track, it has an easy chorus that's memorable enough for a single.

DEBUT will be released via Gandhi's own label Crack Diamonds and will be for sale on his Bandcamp this Friday. Then he will disappear forever—or will he?

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