Zak The Blak is creating some absolutely wonderful bass music, and is relatively new to the scene. And we're rolling the dice on this young phenom. Born Zak Weinert, he's actually the identical twin brother of Sir Charles. While they are producing records together as Monozygotik, Zak The Blak is his own artist.

Zak's Darkness EP is undeniably trap, but doesn't fall within the usual confines of the genre. "Butta Jam" follows the mantra of "less is more," and shapes up as a solid effort while removing half of the sounds that your average producer would fill in these blanks with. "Potency" samples Gucci Mane's "My Chain" and the synths seem to bounce off of each other. Monksters is a bit darker, and glitched-out sounds compliment a stretched out whirr.

The magic in this EP is all within the sound design. Sure, we can find and push tunes that sound like the last record that was handed to you. But Zak The Blak is pushing boundaries by stepping to the left just enough. It's still trap. It's still digestible. But it's different, and we love it. We're so grateful to be able to push this as a Do Androids Dance exclusive. Share it around and download at your leisure. Happy Monday!